Upcycled Baby Food Glass Jar Sports Cup Ecologic Packaging - Remade By KeepJar

Reuse Toddler Sports Cup - Green & Purple

KeepJar Toddler Bottle Set is ideal for excursions with pre-school, training or traveling with the family. The perfect way to ensure the toddler gets an environmentally friendly and healthy bottle. With KeepJar you can turn baby food jars into secure and climate-friendly baby bottles. Price winning Swedish innovation.

The Toddler Bottle Set includes: 1 KeepJar Ring (white) and 1 sports cup spout from NUK and silicone sleeve. Baby food jar is not included.

KeepJar fits standard baby food jars: Demeter (D), Nestle (Europe, world), Änglamark (S), Piirti (FI), Holle (CZ)

Dishwasher and microwave safe (except nipple). 


Food safe BPA free polyethylene, silicone, natural latex (tested for nitrosamines), glass


15x5 cm


Europe: 5€ Rest of World: 15€