Upcycled Baby Food Glass Jar Bottle Ecologic Packaging - Remade By KeepJar
Upcycled Baby Food Glass Jar Bottle - Remade By KeepJar
Upcycled Baby Food Glass Jar Bottle - Remade By KeepJar

Reuse Baby Bottle with Natural Rubber Nipple - Pink

Now you can turn an ordinary baby food jar into a secure and climate-friendly baby bottle for your child! With a glass bottle, you can always be assured that your child does not get exposed to known and unknown chemicals found in plastic bottles. The contents of the bottle will only come in contact with glass and the nipple or sipper which are made from all-natural materials, free from toxic, BPA, lead and phthalates. Together with silicone cases made out of FDA food grade silicone, the bottles becomes shock-resistant and easy to grip for the child.

The package includes:
1 ring
1 lid 
1 silicone case 
1 wide neck nipple suitable from 6 months, made out of 100 % natural rubber. (Baby food jar is not included)

The packaging in ecological cotton can be re-used as a replacement of plastic bags. 


Polyethylene, silicone, natural latex (tested for nitrosamines), glass. All materials are free from BPA and food-safe grade.


15x5 cm / 1 to 2.6 cups/decilitres depending on the baby food jar you choose.

KeepJar fits standard baby food jars: Demeter (D), Nestle (Europe, world), Änglamark (S), Piirti (FI), Holle (CZ)

KeepJar bottle adapter fits with wide neck nipples (NUK ™, Dr Brown™,  Mam™, Goldi™, Bambino™ etc) found in the supermarket and baby shops. 


Europe: 5€ Rest of World: 15€