Lello Etched Upcycled Glass - Clear Lines


This is a special series of glass by Os Italianos. The incision is handmade by a master glassmaker in Marinha Grande. This "Lapidacao" is an ancient technique and it is becoming increasingly rare to find an artisan able to work in this way. This project aims to bring out this tradition and the processing of this beautiful material. 

Each bottle, if cut can create two glasses; in addition to the glass obtained with the upper part also the lower part can be exploited to create a new product: Lello. - Os Italianos




Upcycled Wine-bottle




7,5 x 7,5 x 10,5 cm 

(W x L can be different according to the dimensions of the bottles)



This product ships within 3 days. 

Up to 5 glasses ships for 

Europe 5€

6-12 glasses ships for

Europe 10€