Drum Light - Blue


The by now classic drum lamp by Willem Heeffer is available in six different colors. All powder coated for a glossy look.

Every lamp is unique, pattern and dimension can slightly vary. Contact us at info@remade-by.com for inquiries. 

I am not the first having a go at the washing machine drum. But I always thought they still resembled to much of a waste product. They had not transformed enough for them to become design lamps. I powder coated them, gave them matching colored cable, an acrylic disk to diffuse the light and hung them from 1mm steel cables. I hope this rebirth was successful. - Willem Heeffer 


Upcycled washing machine drum. Fabric braided cable. 


Fabric braided cable 2m
35cm tall and 48cm in diameter
Osram circular fluorescent lamp 55W



This product ships within 1-3 days


Europe 25€

Rest of World 50€