Copper Boiler Lamps Made From Espresso Machine by Willem Heeffer. Remade By Shop

Copper Boiler Lamp - Matt Black


The Boiler Lamp collection consists of pendants made out of boilers from discarded espresso machines. It is a collaboration with the Paulig coffee factory. After ten years of producing coffee, the boilers are finally transformed into lamps, each tagged with the name and the serial number of the machine where they originate from.

Heeffer’s copper boiler lamps come with a matt powder coating on the exterior, which contrasts with the shimmering beat blasted finish inside. They present playful, asymmetrical hole formations, based on the original piping. 


Upcycled pieces from professional espresso machine which has produced coffee for over ten years. 


Diameter 17.5cm. Height varies from 20-30cm

Fabric braided cable 2m Adjustable steel cable with ceiling attachment


Price and availability on request. info@remade-by.com