Upcycled Desk Lamp - Pastel Light Pink

The desk lamp/bed side lamp/table lamp named Flexo nº 001©  is made by hand using upcycled tomato, coffee or olives metal cans. 

Central body of those lamps was once upon a time a metal can that we collected from neighborhood, pizzeria restaurants or friends. We wash them accurately and paint them with "eco-label" paints. The structure is made of a light wood (pine or similar) and the base (underneath the wood base) is made of real-leather (recycling factories left overs) in order to have much more grip on tables and to not scratch the surface of them. 

We want to create items that set trends, not just follow them - Iliüi


Wood, leather base, tomato or other metal recycled can

Light bulb included for European Countries ( and others that has 220 - 240 v ) all lamps support E27 type of bulb. We suggest using a LED bulb or Energy-Saving ones, for a MAX 40 W. 

Please Note: As all products are recycled from different kinds of metal cans the pattern of the metal central body might slightly vary. 


29 x 17 x 14 cm


As the lamps are made to order, please allow 2-6 days before shipping 

Europe: 5€