UliUlia Combines a Passion for Fashion and Environment

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At Remade By we want to show that upcycled design does not necessarily need to look upcycled. Sure, that can add an extra fun touch to it, but it is as important from an environmental aspect that also every day objects are waste free. The bags created by young talent Julia Kordiukova from Ukraine is one such example. We had a little chat with Julia about her upcycling brand UliUlia


Meet Upcycling Brand UliUlia


First, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I was born in the eastern Ukraine. And as long as I remember I have been passionate about craft, sewing and design. My room was full of different materials, dolls and sewing stuff. And I told everyone at school that I was going to be a designer and translator, which is true. Now I am speaking and teaching three foreign languages and run my fashion projects. It all started with a child’s dream. 

When, why and how did you start UliUlia?

After I got my Bachelor degree I travelled a lot, lived abroad for a year, got to know many inspiring people, who I admire and keep in touch with. I came back to Ukraine to start working in sales at one of the biggest luxury retail store in Ukraine, where I've learned so much about fashion. And that experience made me certain I wanted to create fashion project. 

After I quit the job I wanted to launch my own business that combined my passions of fashion and environmental protection. At that point I had no idea what and how it would be, I was just eager to create and do something good for the world. UliUlia was born in 2013 after those passions. And now UliUlia is represented in more than 20 shops all over Ukraine and one in Chicago. 

The idea behind UliUlia is to create something beautiful and simple using vintage materials. Also to educate people about the environmental hazard of excessive fashion production and consumption that pollutes the air and the water of our Earth. 


Meet Upcycling Brand UliUlia

Meet Upcycling Brand UliUlia


Why recycling and upcycling?

When I was a kid I used to remake lots of old clothes into nice new ones. And one day I made leather clutches out of my old leather jacket. I got lots of good feedback and one of my friend insisted that I should keep doing that. It is always important to have inspiring people around you who put their believes in what you are doing.

What materials do you use and how/where do you source them?

We use recycled denim, leather, suede, cotton and velveteen and also all other materials that we can find in vintage stores. Some of our clients support this idea and bring us their old clothes they don't need any more. Overtime we go hunting for new materials to second hand and vintage stores. We never know what we are going to find. It is always an excitement for us. Thats why almost each product is one of a kind and has its own story. Interiors of the bag are 100% recycled materials - we use curtains, table clothes and old clothes made out of natural materials.

Why bags?

Making clothes requires some professional knowledge. Because I had never studied sewing nor clothing I thought making bags would be a good start. I was doing all the work from the very beginning, getting all the professional knowledge step by step during my work. 

What are your plans ahead?

Don’t want to talk too much about my plans.. Can only say that I want to go outside of just making bags. And if everything goes well this summer we will show the world my  next upcycled project. I feel involved with upcycled ideas and I am sure my whole future work will be about that. 

Order your very own UliUlia bag here


Meet Upcycling Brand UliUlia


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