Pet Petits Defines What Stylish Upcycling Is All About

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 Pet Petits - bracelets from PET bottles


The chic bangles made from PET bottles define what stylish upcycling is all about. Hugely inspired by art and fashion, the Pet Petits sits perfect in the intersection of style and sustainability. Wear only one or combine your favorite colors. Or pick ’em after your favorite place - they are namely named after worlds most fascinating cities. A big city love.

Pet Petits are made by Sir Henry - a polish design company. The sustainable design are a call to slow down fashion, and to protect the environment from harmful waste - pet bottles. 


Pet Petits - 100% handmade bracelets from PET bottles


Handmade by artistically talented people, the bracelets are created to last. An upcycling product that you don't want to throw out. That is also why the reference to the symbol of infinity appears in the visual identity. 

Pet Petits have an universal application and are meant to go with many different styles. Each bracelet come in an enjoyable box decorated with arty images. Packaging, of course, is also recycled. 

Pet Petits - 100% handmade bracelets from PET bottlesPet Petits - Chic Upcycled Bracelets from Pet Bottles

Lacquer does not contain toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (dbp). Available in eight different colors. Buy them here



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