Ariane Prin: With Waste As Raw Material

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 Ariane Prin In Her Studio


We are proud to present Ariane Prin as one of our featured designers. Ariane is a French product designer living in London. She spends her days in a studio that is ’home to a wide variety of joyously messy material experiments.’  

We first came in contact with Ariane via Upcyclista. As soon as it became clear that we would open the e-shop, we knew Ariane's handmade pencils would fit perfectly into our concept.

Ariane embarked on the journey towards producing pencils from waste in 2011. Originally, the pencils were produced at Royal College of Art and made from leftover material rescued from the various departments of the school: printmaking, jewellery, ceramic... Thereof the name From Here For Here. The name alludes to Ariane's desire to ’create useful products specific to a site from the waste generated there.’ The project was received with great enthusiasm and was also shortlisted for the RCA's Sustain Award and the German 6th Recycling Design Prize.



Why does she upcycle? She actually always did, even before the word became popular. Ariane was using materials found on the street to make her prototypes and projects when she was a student. Many years later she still does the same, fascinated by the variety of materials that can be found around us. For example, the fab fruit bowls made from plastic crates that we set our eyes on one day. We liked the items so much that we asked her to produce some pieces for our shop. They are now available in black and blue.

Recycling Pencils Machine

Handmade Pencils by Ariane Prin

Recycled Pencils Creative Process. Ariane Prin

Recycling Pencil Machine by Ariane Prin

Recycled Pencils by Ariane Prin

Recycled Pencils by Ariane Prin


Buy the Fruitbowls in our store here, and the much celebrated pencils here




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