Biethic Brings Vietnamese Recycling Tradition To West

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Upcycling Brand Biethic


Behind upcycling brand Biethic is Nhât Anh Bardou, a Vietnamese-born French architecture. The switch from a secure profession to running her own business was influenced by growing up both in Vietnam and France. 

- Recycling has always been a core value in the Vietnamese culture, but due to a recent upswing in Western lifestyle this value-set has slowly started to disappear, she explains. Moreover, there is an extremely talented artisan culture. 

Biethic is about connecting them two. The brand is creating products made by hand with local artisan labor and from 100% recycled materials. The goal is to create a fruitful exchange between the far east and west, while never failing to respect both men and women’s equal rights. 


Upcycling Brand Biethic

Upcycling Brand Biethic


Biethic have so far released two collections from two types of material - can caps and innertube. About the latter, Nhat Anh explains; In the past, the tire base and innertube based shoes were very common for the middle class citizens. For example, during the war for independance, many vietnamese wore these shoes while marching to Ho Chi Minh City. 


Upcycling Brand Biethic


Nhat Anh is also attracted to the practical side of the material. Describing it as waterproof, resistant to changes in weather, and doesn’t get sun damage. Even better, if well treated, it has the look of leather giving us an animal friendly substitute. 

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