100% Upcycled Fashion by W.Y.L.D.E Paris

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W.Y.L.D.E Paris AW16 Upcycled Fashion | Remade By Shop


Remade By are proud to announce collaboration with its first fashion brand. Welcome W.Y.L.D.E Paris!  
W.Y.L.D.E as in Word. Youth. Love. Dust. Echoes. W.Y.L.D.E launched in 2013, then with remaking vintage clothes as its core business. Since spring 2016 W.Y.L.D.E produce limited collections and presents a complete wardrobe made of 100% upcycled fabrics, following an ethical and local process. We are proud to prove it is possible acting positive, says founder Clarissa. 
Clarissa Acario, W.Y.L.D.E. ‘s designer and founder, comes from Brasil. She was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, where she studied in a school of stylism, before she came to Lyon and Paris. As she fell in love with Paris, she got inspired by the 'french touch' and created the brand W.Y.L.D.E. 

- When I created W.Y.L.D.E., I wanted to offer and other way of doing fashion. With an ethical and sustainable process, reborn vintage clothing become unique pieces, trendy and original. The creation starts when I mock clothes I like and who inspire me. Then I clean it, and start to work on it : I imagine cuts, shapes, beautify it... Everything is handmade. That’s how W.Y.L.D.E. clohting was born! 


W.Y.L.D.E Paris Upcycled Fabrics

W.Y.L.D.E ParisW.Y.L.D.E Paris Upcycled Fabrics

The Autumn Winter 2016 collection is titled An Other Way. It consists of a handfull well-designed bottom pieces, shirts and a to-die-for jacket. Clarissa describes her designs as ’classical clothing, with graphical cuts, and noble materials: contemporary and graphic designs with a delicate touch of rock imagery.’ 

The unique and limited edition collection are made with 100% upcycled fabrics from post production cotton and plastic bottles. W.Y.L.D.E works with producers of upcycled yarns and fabrics – wich means yarns made of cotton fibers from post industrial cottons and recycled jeans. The collection is available to buy at Remade By from November 1st. 

W.Y.L.D.E Paris AW16 Upcycled Fashion | Remade By Shop
W.Y.L.D.E Paris AW16 Upcycled Fashion | Remade By Shop


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